Great People. The Right Options.

At Alternative Staffing, we pride ourselves on three things: our speed, our accuracy and our flexibility in providing great candidates for your open positions. Whoever and whatever you need, we can customize a staffing plan that includes the following options:

Temporary Placement

If you need someone to fill in while a regular employee is out, we have trained and ready associates eager to work short-term assignments.


If you’ve hired a temporary employee and things are working well, you keep the person on for 90 days (550 hours), then convert them over to your payroll for NO additional cost.


You know who you want to hire, but right now is not the time to add to your payroll expenses. Alternative Staffing can take care of all the payroll responsibilities for you.


Do you need someone but don’t want to wait 90 days to hire them? We can present you with screened and qualified candidates to interview for your needs. When you have made your selection, Alternative Staffing will invoice your company one time only for the professional placement.