Looking for a new job? Within your search for open positions you have probably come across a lot of temp to hire work. What is temp to hire, you say? It’s pretty straight forward, and there are many reasons why it’s beneficial for you to consider this line of work. In a temp to hire job, you work with an agency that places you in a temporary position within a company. If you both agree that the fit is a good one, you have a very good chance of being hired on as a full time employee. This isn’t necessarily a guarantee, especially if the company doesn’t have a permanent position to fill. Still, there are a lot of reasons to consider temp to hire employment.


Temporary employment agencies find people like you to work for the companies that have asked them to do so for a short-term basis. The company may request this for a number of reasons, including:

  • They’re still new and don’t currently make enough money to pay someone full-time.
  • They work purely on a contractual basis and the amount of employees they need per project differs.
  • They want to see if the fit is right.

The temp agency will do their best to find an employee that fits well with the company. This means they also consider what the employee is looking for, as this will allow assurance that both parties are getting what they want. Temporary work can range anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks, to possibly even a year. It all depends on the type of work you are carrying out and how long the project takes.


As much as you may be in the market for a job that sticks, working a temporary position has a lot of benefits you should be aware of before knocking it. Here are a few:

It’s a Great Way to Meet People. Many people actually choose to do temp work when they are first starting out in an industry for networking purposes. Not just that, working for a temp agency introduces you to people across a variety of fields, opening up opportunities you might not have originally considered, but now have access to.

It Helps You Gain Exposure. Temporarily working for a company allows you to test the waters and decide if it’s truly the line of work for you. You can feel out the job without actually having to commit long term.

The Job Could Stick. Though you have only agreed to work for the company on a temporary basis, it could also be an opportunity to build a relationship. If your time with the company is a successful one, oftentimes they won’t want to let you go. When that time comes, you’ll be able to decide if that’s something that you want as well.

An Opportunity to Learn. With each temporary position you work in, you will be able to build on your skill set. Your temp agency will also help you to take these experiences and form an impressive resume. When the time is right, and once you so choose, you can bring that resume to a company that requires more credentials.


Alternative Stafffing works for a number of industries and is always in search of people who are looking to work on a temp to hire or full time basis. We have a lot of options for you, and will help you prepare for whatever endeavor you’re ready to take on. Reach out to our staff today, 843-744-6040, if you have any more questions about temping or our services!

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