Things are getting a little hairy in the Alternative Staffing office these days.  Our recruiting team, Paul Kirkland, Chris Wages, and John Gooch have decided to bring No Shave November to the Alternative Staffing office. These three fellows have said goodbye to the 5 o’clock shadows and are welcoming a much darker do. Be sure to follow Alternative Staffing on Facebook to see the hairy updates!

No Shave November is a unique yet simple way to raise cancer awareness. What better way to grow awareness than with some hair? The concept of this month is to raise awareness by embracing our hair, which most cancer patients loose due to chemo therapy and radiation treatments. Also, take the money that you usually use on shaving products, and donate instead to help those who are fighting the battle.

There are a few hairy hashtags to go tag when you share your No Shave pictures on social media. For every picture posted in November to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with #ChickenStache Dairy Queen & Dr. Pepper will donate $1 to No-Shave November.

Ladies, don’t feel left out. Put the razor away and let your legs get a little hairy too! For every photo shared in month of November with both #5MileShadow & #NewtonRunning, Newton Running Company will donate $1 to No-Shave November.

Show your support and learn more at #letitgrow

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