Temporary staff helps alleviate some of the burden that is caused when increasing production for a brief period of time. However, there are some issues that could arise if your company doesn’t go about this process the best way.


Sharing joint responsibility of a temporary staff member can be a little confusing when it comes to OSHA and other federal regulations. Every client’s circumstances can have little things that can change, so make sure the contract between the staffing agency and your company clarifies where responsibility lies.

The most common aspects of safety that you will be responsible for will be in regards to the workplace and any equipment/hazard training necessary in order to ensure that the employee is properly informed. Here are some other practices that will help with workers compensation issues and how to avoid injuries on your company’s premises:

  • Communicate thoroughly with the staffing agency that all necessary personal protections equipment is understood and who provides the equipment.
  • Check on the conditions of the workplace to ensure that their workers are in safe environment.
  • You must be aware of all existing hazards within your workplace, ignorance of these are not an excuse.


It is in your best interest to have a system created so you can be sure that you have covered all of the necessary bases with each new temporary employee. This system will be most effective if you:

Make sure you are fully assessing the amount of labor needed to accomplish the job you are hiring them for. It will be much easier for you to recruit 3 temps at once rather than to find yourself shorthanded and have to scramble to find a couple more as you discover a lack of progress. In addition, as mentioned before, you will want to be fully aware of the conditions of your workplace and any precautions or information you need to communicate to new employees to ensure their safety. This is to protect everyone involved.

Your new temp’s training should begin from the moment that they are hired on. They should be treated just as any regular employee would be and given training when required.

The most important thing is to know what your responsibilities are and how you best can prepare your temporary hire to do the job you require of them. Make sure you cover all of the bases by communicating with your staffing partner, creating awareness around existing hazards, and training each individual fully. If you have anymore questions about your personal responsibilities when hiring on temporary workers, please feel free to call Alternative Staffing at 843-744-6040.


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