Your successful workday starts long before you pull into the parking lot. Rather than arriving at your job rushed, hungry, and/or still half asleep, why not take a few simple measures to set the tone for a productive and satisfying day ahead?

Not every one of these ideas will work for you. Take this from someone who is so not a morning person! But pick and choose … and maybe try a few of them. You may just surprise yourself!

Start the Night Before
If morning is not your favorite time, then make the evening work in your favor.

  • Prepare and lay out clothing, pre-pack lunches, backpacks and briefcases, and have your morning checklist ready.
  • Pre-set your coffeemaker and while you’re at it, leave out any non-perishable breakfast items, as well as dishes, bowls and silverware.
  • Go to bed early. And try leaving your blinds slightly open so the natural light of the rising sun will signal your brain to slow production of melatonin and bump up production of adrenaline. This is a signal that it’s time to wake up.

Get a Jump Start on the Day
Get enough sleep – about seven hours on average – so your body and its internal alarm clock adjust to getting up in plenty of time to avoid a stressful morning rush. Then you can:

  • Have a good breakfast. It doesn’t have to be large or elaborate, but it should be healthy and filling. It’s not just a cliché – it’s the most important meal of the day as you fuel your body and mind after an extended period without nourishment.
  • Stretch. Even before you open your eyes, lift your arms and stretch each finger, hand and wrist. Do the same to your toes, feet and legs, and then your neck and back. This propels you out of bed, limbers up your muscles and joints, and enhances blood flow throughout your body.
  • Exercise some more, after you get up. Hop on the treadmill, practice early-morning yoga or take a brisk walk. Physical activity produces endorphins, which boost your energy level and mood for a good part of the day.
  • Drink eight ounces of water. You’ve been fasting all night, so your body is dehydrated.
  • Take five. Or ten minutes to listen to some music or sit on your deck or porch and just think. This allows ideas generated during the night to gel and grounds you into action for the day.

For many people, the first 20 minutes of the day is the most stressful, draining their energy and causing disarray for the rest of the day. Don’t let that happen. All it takes are a few simple lifestyle adjustments – and you could be the next morning person!

Contact the team at Alternative Staffing or read our related posts for more ideas on your career and work/life balance. And wake up with a smile tomorrow morning!

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