As a teenager, I recall my grandmother waking up and ready by 6:30am just in case the phone would ring. It was not until I started working in the staffing industry that I realized how hard that must have been for her. Each time she left the house she was walking into a different school and a different classroom full of strange kids who didn’t know her, trying to do her best to ensure they did not miss a beat.

I recognize the value and the risk of having someone in your place of business in a temporary capacity. When you bring on a temporary employee you already recognize that putting extra work on your staff can affect morale, could result in overtime, or affect your clients. When reflecting on my temporary employees, I realize how hard it must be to go into a place where no one knows you and more importantly no one has to know you. However, I find when a temporary employee is welcomed by the team the experience for both parties is far superior. It sounds like a simple idea but most people want to be included and belong – we just work better that way.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your temporary employee.

  1. Just as a principal introduces a teacher to the classroom, ensure that the new employee is granted the same level of respect.
  2. When introducing them, use other words besides “temp”. For example: “Pat is here to help us while we tackle this project” or “Joe is here to assist the office while Sue is out of town”.
  3. Check in with them at the end of the day and address any questions they might have. They want to leave a good impression on you, so why not try and do the same?

A strange work environment can be just as intimidating as the first day of school. Over the past year, I have worked with some amazing companies and those who have had the best experiences are the ones who give temporary employees the same level of respect as anyone on their team.

What ideas can you share on making sure you get the most out of your temporary staff?

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