Daylight Savings Time is this weekend! If your office is anything like ours, we are battling summer fever. With gorgeous weather right around the corner employees might be itching to get outside. Don’t let your employees be distracted by the weather. Instead, capitalize on the beautiful weather and incorporate the outdoors into the work day and increase work productivity!1024px-36th_G8_summit_member_20100625-770x400

  1. Host an outdoor activity once a week. If you have easy access to a grassy area, think of an outdoor game that everyone can play. For example: kickball. It doesn’t require anything but a ball and a few markers for bases and you have a fun game. Not only will it get people outside but it will encourage exercise for a happy and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Set up an outdoor area so people can eat their lunch outside. Sometimes the only break some people can get is when they can eat their sandwich for lunch. Instead of sitting at desk, sit outside and eat your lunch. Whether you are scarfing down something quick in 10 minutes or take advantage of a full lunch break – it is necessary to get a few rays for your wellbeing!
  3. Encourage employees to take a walk. Let’s say you are having a bad day, your back hurts from sitting in your god forsaken office chair for 5 hours, or !@#$ just hit the fan in the office. Take a break. Walk outside and take advantage of Mother Nature’s medicine – Vitamin D. It will make you feel better; and when you feel better you work better.
  4. Encourage employees to take their laptop and work outside. If is a beautiful day and you are having a busy day. Charge your laptop and take it to a park bench for a little while. It is amazing how much work you can get done while being outside of the office sometimes. Not to mention, you can fit in a brisk walk to and from the office from your outdoor space.

Why is it important to encourage your workers to get outside?

It is scientifically proven that sunshine is good for the soul. It increases your endorphins, makes you happier, and not to mention gives you a fabulous tan.

Getting outside for physical activity will help your employees!  According to health promotion experts, an organization-level commitment to focus on employee health as a corporate goal is one the most influential and cost-effective things to implement.

So tie up your laces, and get outside. Want to stay up to date on A-Team happenings? Follow us on Facebook!

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