Troy & RoscoeWe had countless entries for our Alternative Staffing “Share the Love” photo contest. To celebrate the loving month of February we asked our Facebook fans to send us photos of them and their beloved pets. Alternative Staffing Owner, Jan Cappellini, is an avid dog lover. So another contest where she could check out photos of all of the cute pups and other animals in Charleston was a no-brainer.

Our hearts melted at the submission from Troy and Roscoe. A recent adopted black lab pup, Roscoe looked overjoyed at the arrival of Troy after work! As the winner we put together a custom gift basket for the two of them to share that included a $20 Jack’s Cosmic Dogs gift certificate, a new collar and leash, dog treats, a ball, fluffy and squeaky toys, and more. Needless to say, baby Roscoe made out very well.

On top of it, we made a donation to the Charleston Animal Society – $1 for every photo that was submitted.

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