The staffing industry never rests, even during the holidays. So the A-team at Alternative Staffing understands the stresses of having employees work during the holidays. But how do you keep up company morale when employee have to work holiday shifts?

While smaller companies can’t afford to give hefty bonuses, there are other ways to treat those employees working overtime during the holidays.

  • Give employees a choice. Have employees request certain days during the holidays that they would rather work. Have employees list in order the holidays that they would like to have off. Then do your best to work around these requested holiday shifts. For example, someone may prefer to have Christmas Eve off while another employee doesn’t mind working Christmas Eve.
  • Give workers flexibility. Offer other days off after the holidays to counteract the holiday work.
  • Give back. Maybe you can’t afford a large Christmas bonus, but sometimes the little things go a long way. Treat your employees to coffee, lunch, holiday cookies and treats, or even a gift card to a different employee every day (Example: a daily holiday raffle).
  • Get festive. If your employees will be spending time at work during the holidays, make sure they aren’t missing out on holiday fun. Decorate the office, have a Christmas party, host a holiday spirit week, or have a special holiday activity each day.
  • Thank your employees. Personally thank each employee for their hard work. Give each employee a hand-written explaining your appreciation why they are so awesome!

If you have a small business, your staff is like a second family. So remember to treat them as such during the holidays.

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