The Staffing Stream published a recent article, “Avoiding Dependent Leadership” with tips on how do do just that.

Oftentimes leaders try to have their hands in every project, which spreads themselves too thin. We’ve all been there when we think to ourselves, wouldn’t it just be easier if I did this myself. Wrong. As a manager, you must learn to “let go” or certain responsibilities because you are stifling yourself, your staff, and inevitably your business.

In the article Scott Wintrip wrote, “Leadership Dependence, an all too common reality in companies, has caused leaders to be even more overwhelmed than ever and employees to be less self-sufficient. The alternative, Corporate Interdependence, promotes personal responsibility for doing the next right thing and engaging in collaboration where it’s actually needed.”

The issue is that leaders enjoy taking on everything. But all that does is overload the leader, and sets the wrong example for the staff. Without the appropriate experience, a staff can never be innovative and powerful if they aren’t confident in their decisions. Which means, more work for the manager. That confidence can only be instilled by the manager.

A leader is a teacher. A leader should teach their employees, empower employees to make the right decisions and actions, and hold them accountable for decisions. Trust and accountability among managers and employees are key in a successful workplace.

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