Darren Hicks, a writer at the Staffing Stream, wrote a recent article about how hiring veterans are a hot topic. Of course, the person being hired shouldn’t be hired simply based on whether they are a veteran or not. But if the job fits, and that person is a veteran, there is a great chance that the investment in this employee will go a long way.

Military veterans offer a lot of advantages in the workplace. Take a look at how Mr. Hicks broke this down:

  • They show up. Let’s face it, there’s a reason people say “showing up is half-the battle.” After proudly and voluntarily serving their nation, military veterans have demonstrated they are dependable and can be trusted to show up and be present.

  • Trainable. Training, ramp-up time and information retention represent a huge cost for most businesses. Without question, veterans are highly trainable, not likely to quit, and are unequivocally committed to success.

  • Disciplined. Businesses need staff to be disciplined and stay focused on the task or objective at hand. Veterans have learned to achieve a high degree of discipline, resulting in increased self-control, character and efficiency.

  • Team players. Especially when it comes to solving complex or multi-tiered problems, a team approach offers a variety of perspectives and expertise beneficial for identifying and delivering a workable solution.  Military veterans are very accustomed to working together as a cohesive unit in order to accomplish objectives.

  • Committed. High turnover can be very costly to a business and can be multiplied given the expense involved to get new staff up-to-speed. An honorable discharge in the military is similar to a four-year degree and demonstrates the ability to stay true and accomplish a long-term goal.


So on this Veterans Day, think about giving back to our military veterans by implementing a veteran hiring program. Not only will you help veterans get jobs, but it will be a great strategic business decision.

In fact, Alternative Staffing is proud to have a military veteran as a staff member; Senior Recruiter, Sarah Myers, has been an invaluable employee to our team for many, many years. Her commitment to the job and Alternative Staffing team is incredible never goes unrecognized.

Happy Veterans Day!

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