Recently the American Staffing Association unveiled the results of the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey, which revealed that 99% of temporary and contract employees who want permanent positions achieve this career objective. Virtually all survey respondents indicated that securing a permanent job was important to them, and half (49%) stated that finding permanent employment was the primary reason for choosing to work in the staffing industry.

The top reasons individuals choose temporary or contract work are related to future employment ambitions, according to the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey results. In addition to being a means to permanent employment, respondents specified three other prime factors in seeking work in the staffing industry: the inability to find a permanent job via other sources (40%), the ability to obtain work experience (28%), and the improvement of professional skills (24%).

The vast majority of staffing employees rate their employment experiences positively. Nine out of 10 temporary and contract workers (92%) are satisfied with their staffing companies; 74% are very or extremely satisfied, the survey found.

“The results of the landmark 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey verify that temporary and contract work is an effective bridge to permanent employment,” says Richard Wahlquist, ASA president and chief executive officer. “ASA member companies are proud to make a real difference in the lives of so many individuals in the U.S. workforce. The results of the staffing employee survey affirm the great value that staffing employees receive from their assignments.”

Other key findings of the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey:

  • Nearly 90% of staffing employees say that temporary or contract work makes them more employable.
  • Work schedule flexibility is also important to staffing employees, with one in five respondents (22%) stating this as a reason for choosing temporary or contract employment.
  • Temporary and contract employees are about as likely to work full time as all adults in the U.S. labor force (76% versus 82%, respectively)—and among those staffing employees who bridged to permanent jobs, 94% work full time.

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