Happy Friday from the Alternative Staffing team! If you are like our office, we like to keep our attire more casual on Fridays. But Forbes recently reported that workers shouldn’t take casual Friday too casual.

While Casual Friday can mean different things to different companies, you don’t want to show up to work in your gym clothes, cut off shorts, or swim suits! You need to wear the appropriate clothing for your workplace and industry.

For example, a lot of Alternative Staffing employees work in warehouses, and there is typically always a dress code for the safety of the employee. But if the workplace embraces Casual Friday, you need to stay within the parameters of what is appropriate and what is not. Do you need to wear closed toe shoes, pants, or long sleeve shirts?

Casual Friday is a time for you to showcase more of who you are…but remember to be professional.

Take a look at Forbes’ 4 tips on how to set the standard for Casual Friday attire in the office:

Tip #1: Define a policy.

HR or management should define and communicate the appropriate/inappropriate attire for casual Fridays (and the summer months) and the consequences for not following the policy.

Tip #2: Meet with employees.

Managers should discuss the policy with employees, answer their questions, provide examples of what is considered acceptable work clothing, and ensure everyone understands what will happen if they don’t comply (such as being sent home to change their clothes).

Tip #3: Be a role model.

If you’re in a management position, dress a step above the casual Friday policy, even during summer months. If jeans are acceptable on Fridays, choose dark colored jeans that are styled to look like trousers. Women can pair these with a colorful blouse and standout necklace with heels, while men can wear a button-down shirt or even a company logo golf shirt with their jeans or khakis. The idea is to look casual, yet polished.

Tip #4: Stand out from the crowd.

It’s time to step up casual Fridays, especially if you want to climb the career ladder and advance into higher-level jobs. Even when you’re given the option to dress casually for work, take it up a notch from your weekend wear. In this tight job market, everything you can do to make yourself stand out will help.


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