Happy Independence Day from everyone at Alternative Staffing! But take a tip from our team today…while you are out having fun on your day off, remember to be aware of your social media.

When you are job searching it is important to keep a lookout of what you are posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One of the first things an employer does is “google” your name. What will pop up? Your Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Even if you have your account locked, a few pictures and posts are still available to see. Also, if the employer sees that a person he/she knows is “friends” with you or “follows” you, they can easily jump the fence and see everything.

Even when you have job security, you want to be aware of what you and others are posting as well. Try and stay away from photos of you drinking, personal issues, extreme political and religious views and more. It can be unbecoming, and you don’t want someone to judge you based on your personal life – you want someone to know that you are a professional, hard, and dedicated worker.

So on this Independence Day we hope you have a blast! But keep some of those memories that you don’t want the world to see on your camera and phone and away from your social media.

Happy 4th of July!

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