Here at Alternative Staffing we are committed to providing worthwhile jobs to qualified workers throughout the Lowcountry and Midlands of South Carolina.

You may have heard some myths about staffing agencies, and we are here to debunk them and prove to you that if you are looking for a job…look no further than Alternative Staffing!

Myth #1 – The “Real Job” VS. the “Temporary Job”

When you are looking to jump start your career, you want to position yourself in front of reputable companies and organizations where you can excel and build your skills.

At Alternative Staffing we work with some of the most reputable organizations in the state. Each job assignment is important and a crucial piece to the puzzle for all of our clients. So we consider every job that we offer a “real job.”

Whether you are looking to find a career path, or are looking for temporary work, we aim to provide our workers with jobs that meet their criteria so they can excel.

Myth #2 – All job assignments are for a short amount of time

Some jobs assignments may only require a commitment of a few days or few weeks, but others require a commitment of several months.

Regardless of the time commitment, our tenured staff works hard to provide a platform for our workers to succeed. We expose our workers to various positions at several companies.

So while some job may be for a temporary amount of time, it has the potential to lead to full time positions. Countless workers at Alternative Staffing have worked hard and proven themselves during their job assignment that they have been asked to work full time.

As long as you work hard and with integrity, there will always be a job for you to do.

Myth #3 – The only jobs that are available are low paying jobs

At Alternative Staffing we offer a wide variety of job opportunities from manufacturing and industrial positions to office and receptionist professions. Each job varies in the amount per hour and time commitment. We are here to help you stay employed and find out what works best for you. So the more job assignments you take, the easier it is to find your niche. Then you can master your skills which makes it easier to position yourself as an expert candidate!  The more experience you have, the more your can market yourself and set a lifelong career path.

So give us a call at our North Charleston office at 843-744-6040 or our Orangeburg office 803-516-9433 and join the A-Team Today!

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