Before you know it, the calendar year will reach its midpoint. How can you look ahead to the second half of the year with an eye on renewing morale, performance and productivity? There’s still plenty of time to lay the groundwork for your best year yet in several key areas.

Work Area Enhancements
A simple step toward kick starting employee motivation is revitalizing the physical work area to make it more user friendly and appealing. A welcoming environment is a great way to start your day or shift.

  • Consider each employee’s work space. Is it comfortable, ergonomically sound and not too cramped? Fix that thermostat or air conditioner so the temperature is comfortable. Allow access to natural light whenever possible or at the very least, consider such adjustments as lower-wattage bulbs that may alleviate harsh fluorescent lighting. Small changes can add up to big improvements.
  • Take advantage of wall space. Put up a bulletin board where employees can post pictures, birthday greetings and other relevant news and information. This also can be used for recognition; for instance, colleagues can post notes congratulating one another on accomplishments and challenging projects completed.

Employee Recognition
This is the perfect time to reevaluate your employee recognition program. If you set out to honor an employee of the month, did you? How did that go? On both formal and informal bases, get your program on – or back on – track.

  • Improve both individual and group recognitions. Take time to call an employee into your office and acknowledge their successful contribution. Write an email and copy company leaders. Then let the team know by recognizing the individual in a group meeting.
  • Give appropriate gifts. Tailor them to the employee’s personal interests and preferences. A gift certificate to Starbucks will backfire if a person isn’t a coffee drinker. On the flip side, a busy parent may appreciate movie or amusement park tickets for the family.

Engagement stems from a sense of involvement, ownership and autonomy – and it needs to be cultivated on a regular basis, all year round.

  • Be as transparent as possible. Provide employees with regular updates on company and departmental performance and plans. Let them in on any strategies you may have, seek their input and help them understand how they fit into the big picture.
  • Provide performance feedback. Regularly set aside time to meet with employees for this purpose. If their work is not up to par, work with them to develop ideas for improvement. It’s important that team members feel supported by you and by their company.

Successful communication is based on active listening and approachability.

  • Have face-to-face conversations. They strengthen working relationships, collaboration, trust and respect. Personal interaction also helps avoid miscommunication, which can occur if you limit yourself to emails and text messages.
  • Provide venues for sounding off. Use surveys, staff meetings and an open-door policy to give employees ample opportunity to air their concerns and share their ideas. Then, it’s absolutely critical that you follow up on what you hear. Nothing less than your credibility is at stake here.

Looking for more ideas on revitalizing your team for the second half of the year? Read our related posts or contact the workforce development team at Alternative Staffing today.

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