How can you step up at work and make impactful positive changes? The more you focus on changing things for the better, the more opportunities you’ll recognize.

Start by asking yourself:

  • Who needs help and how can I provide it?
  • Who benefits from what I’m doing?
  • How does what I’m doing impact what the organization is focused on?
  • Who can be more productive as a result of what I do?

Show Up Positive|
A positive attitude is critical – and it may involve a few changes to your lifestyle and overall outlook.

  • Take steps to improve your diet, exercise and sleeping habits. Something as simple as getting up a half hour early to avoid rushing in the morning can make a difference in how your entire day plays out.
  • Be positive in an authentic way. For instance, make it a habit to admire someone else’s work and accomplishments. Give credit where it’s due.
  • On the flip side, refuse to contribute negatively. Think of the old adage, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” Resist the urge to join complainers or gossipers. Complaining with not action to make a positive change is a toxic habit. If you need to be critical, do so with a constructive purpose and realistic suggestions for improvement.
  • Focus on issues, not personalities. You don’t have to like everyone you work with, but at least agree to disagree. Don’t let your differences get blown out of proportion or allow interpersonal feelings to override objectivity.
  • Set aside issues unrelated to work. This isn’t always easy, but try and leave them at home if they have the potential to negatively affect your attitude.

Be Ready to Tackle the Job
Show up prepared and stay on top of it throughout your shift or workday. This means having:

  • All the information you need for every project and meeting. Look at it this way: A promotion or expansion of your current job are both ways your employer gives you more responsibility. If you’re not handling what’s already on your plate, how can you expect to be given more?
  • An informed opinion. Know the state of your division and of the marketplace. Then define realistic ways that your team could initiate something to improve it. Having an opinion is the most common thing in the world of business, but having an informed opinion is rare and refreshing. Politely present it to your boss, along with an interpretation of how your company could act on it.

Save the Company Money
Keep your eyes peeled for ways your organization can spend less, control costs and increase efficiency. Share your ideas early and often.

Improve the Social Culture
Take steps to build a sense of community within your work area. Instigate changes that enable people to connect outside of work; for instance, arrange group lunches, after-work drinks or an outing like a night at the ballpark. Start small and keep building.

As you develop your career growth opportunities, a professional coach can be an invaluable partner. To learn more, contact the workforce development experts at Alternative Staffing today.

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