Tech-savvy Charleston professionals are enhancing their market reach by using social media to monitor potential clients and candidates, keep an eye on competitors and garner invaluable business intelligence. The success story is in the numbers:

  • Salespeople using social media outperform their counterparts who don’t use it by a solid 73 percent and exceed their quotas 23 percent more often.
  • Last year, IBM reported an impressive 400 percent surge in sales after implementing a social selling pilot program.

And similar results have been achieved in the staffing industry.

Social Media as an Ice Breaker
Regular use of social media provides you with unique insights into leads that will help you make an impacting first impression on clients and candidates.

  • Learn something specific about their interests, hobbies, favorite foods, taste in music, or the places they like to visit. This information is valuable for more than just ice breaking, of course, but it’s a great way to open the door to an ongoing relationship.

Warm Up Your Referral Base
Social media can be highly advantageous in getting people to be more receptive to you and to your business, if you leverage it to turn cold referrals into warm ones. And the chance of sales success with a warm referral is twice that of a cold one.

  • A representative from the social media company HootSuite recently saw a Boston Globe article on a new initiative being launched by a major communications company. The article mentioned a C-level executive involved in the ground-breaking project. The HootSuite rep conducted a LinkedIn search of the executive and discovered a common first-level connection. He referenced that connection as he reached out and within 30 minutes, he had a callback. Game on!

Link In to Success
The most obvious and beneficial way to utilize LinkedIn is to post jobs and search for robust candidate matches.

  • It costs $195 to post a job for 30 days. Or, you can buy job credits and pay less per posting.
  • You can sign up for LI Talent Advantage. This is an exclusive suite of tools for recruitment purposes.
  • You can tap into free resources. Start by building your connections, joining groups, and initiating and participating in discussions.
  • Use your network activity box (aka status box) to advertise job postings.

Facebook provides an easy, affordable way to build your candidate pool.

  • Start by using the Facebook directory to find users, pages and groups.
  • Post a job at no charge in FB Marketplace.
  • Post a Facebook ad. Facebook has laser targeting ability. It will ask a series of questions about the people whom you want to see your ad, including age, gender and specific keywords. Then, it will calculate how many users fit that criteria.

The easiest way to recruit via Twitter is to tweet the jobs you have available.

  • If your company has an account but not a lot of followers, expand that network by running a search ( for anyone discussing specific keywords. For instance, you can search for people you know or by location, industry, interest or hashtag.
  • Speaking of hashtags … use them, so your posting stands out. All you have to do is include a keyword hashtag, such as #job, #employment or #hiring, and your tweet becomes instantly searchable.

Let the team at Alternative Staffing help you reinforce your sales and recruiting strategy by providing advice on social media and other key tools. Experts in staffing Charleston and the surrounding area, we are more than happy to discuss your employment needs. Contact us today.

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