Should you work with a temporary staffing agency to meet your company’s HR needs?

Do you really need that expense or the presence of an outside middleman as you make decisions regarding your most important organizational asset – your employees? You’re probably better off just doing it yourself and utilizing your existing staff and resources.

Or not. When an immediate need rises to fill a vacancy, you need to hit a home run. Your challenge is to make the right match ASAP, and not have to backtrack and redo it in the event of a mistake.

The Value of Agency Resources
The value of partnering with a staffing agency that knows your company and its needs, as well as the current candidate market, is immeasurable. Remember, slotting qualified individuals into the right job and satisfying both employer and employee in the process, is the sole reason for their existence.  This dedicated resource can be a life saver, a budgetary advantage, and an organizational win.

Temporary staffing agencies offer:

  • A chance to “try it before you buy it:” Utilizing a temporary employment agency gives you the opportunity to bring a qualified individual on board and – without a permanent commitment – evaluate them in terms of not only their skill set and credentials, but also on how well they fit your company culture.
  • A robust candidate pool: Staffing agencies can quickly hire from an established pool of candidates. This saves you the time and work involved in reviewing myriad resumes, checking backgrounds and references, and conducting multiple interviews.
  • Extensive professional networks: To efficiently meet your staffing need, a qualified temporary agency can tap into its local, regional or global network and fill the gap. Sure, you have contacts, too, but the resources of an agency are in a different league when it comes to sheer quantity – and they’re always up to date.

A Winning Partnership
The value of a winning temp agency is that, even when called cold, it can meet your hiring needs. And by taking the relationship a step further, you can build a successful partnership for the long term.

As an initial step, look for references and testimonials to support the firm you’re considering. Go to their web site and seek out this documentation, or call other HR practitioners to learn more about their track record.

Partnering with the right temporary agency makes good fiscal sense, saving you not only valuable time spent on recruiting and onboarding, but also:

  • Eliminating advertising. There will be no need to tie up staff time or budget dollars on employment ads or multimedia strategies to attract candidates.
  • Cutting head count and related costs. By hiring a temporary consultant, you are not obligated to offer a full 40-hour work week or related overtime. And, your head count remains unchanged as you finalize your staffing strategy.

As you make the smartest hiring decisions, contact the expert team at Alternative Staffing for further direction. Our success is based on meeting your ongoing staffing needs.

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