The coronavirus, also referred to as Covid-19, is causing concerns all over the world. Human Resource departments are gearing up on how to respond to such a health epidemic, if it comes down such a thing. Questions such as; How to handle sick employees? How to handle scared employee who don’t want to risk infection? How to handle making the work environment safe? How to keep productions levels where they need to be?

Information from government resources will be key in understanding the effect of the virus on the workspace and how to respond to the changing environment. To help with organizing the information needed, Staffing Industry Analysts launched this week its Coronavirus Resource Center, which includes an organized, curated list of relevant links for up-to-date information relating to the coronavirus.

The Resource Center features live statistics and general information including links to live trackers, up-to-date information on the number of cases across the globe, World Health Organisation guidance on the outbreak and statistics.

It also includes corporate policy announcements and actions. Users can stay up to date on coronavirus-related cancellations and travel bans, find out the latest precautionary measures employed by companies around the world and it also features an article focused on what employers should ask about the coronavirus outbreak.

The Resource Center also has a section for “Legal and Human Resources” which covers tips for staffing firms in the wake of the outbreak and a comprehensive FAQ.

Additionally, the Resource Center includes articles that cover the economic impact of the coronavirus.

SIA will be monitoring and updating links to the data sources. Click here for SIA’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

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