At Alternative Staffing, one of our specialties is placing workers in manufacturing and industrial job opportunities. Some of these jobs are in corporate warehouses or require work outside. With the summer here, some of these work environments can get hot and workers must take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke.

So we put together a few tips to keep cool while working in the South Carolina summer heat.

1. STAY HYDRATED – We encourage all of our workers to drink plenty of water before work, during work, and after work. 8 cups of water (64 ounces) is the daily recommendation, but when working a strenuous job or in the heat your body may need double that amount.

2. DRESS APPROPRIATELY – It is important to wear clothes that allow you to breathe. Try to wear loose-knit clothing and natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. Try to stay away from polyester and other artificial fabrics.

3. PROTECT YOUR SKIN – If you are working outside, be sure to wear sunscreen and wear a hat to avoid getting sunburned.

4. WORK SMART – If you can, try to plan your more strenuous activities in the cooler part of the day to avoid over exhaustion.

5. KNOW YOUR LIMITS – Only you know what your body can handle. Take small breaks in air conditioning or a cool environment to cool your body down. Don’t overwork yourself in the heat, because there is a possibility of heat stroke. If you have any disorders of the heart, circulatory system, skin, or lungs be sure to consult your doctor before working in high temperatures.

How to notice when someone is suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion:

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms: Dizziness, nausea, headaches, profuse sweating, rapid heart rate, fainting, and vomiting.

Heat Stroke Symptom: Dry pale skin, no sweating, hot and red skin that looks sunburned, irritability, confusion, seizures, unconsciousness.

If someone is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, call 911 immediately to get them the proper care. In the meantime, bring them to a cool place, give them cool water, place hands and feet in cool water (not cold) or place ice packs under their armpits, on their head and groin.

At Alternative Staffing we take the safety of our workers very importantly. For more information about how to stay cool and prevent heat exhaustion and stroke, click here.

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