Whether you’re building your personal brand or that of your company – or both – it’s important to harness the power of social media, the scope of which grows and changes at lightning speed.

Here are some strategies for increasing your influence and optimizing the value of your social media presence.

Build a Community
The key to social media success is engagement with people who have interests similar to yours. Ask yourself: What do I want to be known for? Then, capitalize on your expert knowledge and share it by building a social media community.

  • Connect with influencers. These are the people who will engage with your message and amplify your cause. Start with loyal friends and key professional contacts. Then extend your reach to top industry leaders – and your competitors. This gets your name out there, while enabling you to learn what others in your industry are doing.
  • Pay attention to trends. Posting, tweeting or blogging about popular topics that relate to your niche or your business are a good way to start a conversation and attract more followers.
  • Create a Facebook Community Page. This generates focused support for a cause. It serves as a hub for your message by directing your target audience back to your page from other social networks.
  • Consider petitions – or Twititions. Do you have a new product or service or an issue to bring up? Asking questions of your followers and connections will boost your engagement and further grow your community. Twitition – an application that allows you to create, spread and sign petitions via Twitter – is extremely powerful as it helps you strike a chord and spreads virally.

Add Value to the Conversation

  • Share your opinion and insights. Post information that people are interested in and want to share. Be sure your content is keyword rich and helpful to the reader.
  • Be a thought leader. Social media allows you to get your name out there as a source of expert knowledge. Participate in related Twitter chats and LinkedIn discussions. By being a chat leader or starting a group based on your values and specialties, you give users a reason to trust you and follow your influence.

Let Your Personality Shine Through
Your social media message should reflect your unique personality and encapsulate the best of how you communicate.

  • Write like you talk. Your post or tweet should enable your audience to “hear” your voice, just as they would in a high-energy phone call or a meeting, when you’re making a point.
  • Be serious – but not boring. If your communication style is more understated than flashy, that’s okay. Expressing your personality means being yourself. But be the best of yourself by bringing something fresh to the conversation; for instance, an opinion based on a personal experience, which your audience will relate to and want to share.

Social media value is built over time, so be sure to give it daily attention and maintain regular interaction with all your networks. It will be well worth it as you establish valuable relationships with peers and potential leads.

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